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A world of thanks to our current world class customers;

we think the world of you.

We are finally developing our Small World Photography website. Please visit this site as we revise it with further information. In the meantime if you have any questions, you can reach us at the above phone numbers.

Our specialty is photographing children in preschools, dance schools, and summer camps. We are currently doing preschool photography in our Northeast Area (MA, CT, RI, NH) and our Midwest Area (IL, IN, WI, MN, MI, OH). If you are in a state, which borders any of these states, please contact us anyway, since we are considering expanding the area we service.
We also do other types of child photography, so if you wish to have some children photographed please contact us.

While we are best known for portraiture and class group photos, we also take candid activity pictures for yearbooks, publicity and presentations.

If you are a new customer, we welcome you to our

world of preschool photography.

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